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Freestuff hosted at ShareCG

Hybrid clothing and smart props for Dawn    
Dodorilla Dawn Christnas Lingerie Steampunk Adventurer Outfit for Dawn
Steampunk Balloon
Alyson2 Tight Dress
Dragon Armor
Antonia Business Suit Alien Shoes Leia costume for V4
Bella Sailor Dress
Antonia Halter Top Dress Anastasia sweater, pants & shoes. High Heel Shoes 2 for Anastasia High Heel Shoes 3 for Anastasia
P8 Alyson Three Piece Outfit P8 Alyson Steampunk Dress Steampunk Star Trooper Fantasy costume for Miki3
Edit all of Poser's text based files with PZ3Editor Lite. Miki3 Latex Pant Suit

Freestuff hosted on PhilC server

Cup Cake dress for Sydney Rebreather for SydneyG2 Rosie the Riviter for Sydney Gladys Emmanuel
Honest Abe Uncle Sam Easily install content into Poser Type in a phrase and the hand will ASL fingerspell it for you.
Cloth Room Presets Valentine Roses


Judy Jacket Judy Mid Skirt Judy Mini Skirt Don Soccer Kits
Mill Baby Romper Suit
Race Queens Cosplay outfits
Mick Jagger bobblehead Tony Blair bobblehead Dubya bobblehead Tutu for the Freak
hand fan Attache Case Pearl Clothing Pack 1 Jessica dress for PH Female
poseable palm tree V3 comfy shoes V3 Mini Dress V3 Ring Mistress
V3 Jessica Dress Extra content for Avatar Lab Long coat for P5 Don star wars figure leia
forage cap conch shell Oola figure mask with Easy Pose umbilical
Lace up pants for V2 Mary Janes for V3 Hair for V2
arcima cavalier's hat boxer shorts for Mike P4 bandsman
Top hat for Posette and Vicki Access the PhilC web site from within Poser. Full instructions included. wizard's beard Donkey
Uncle Sam, donation ware, please read the ReadMe file P4 ninja hood parasol Renderman will not improve your rendering times but he will give you something fun to watch while they take place.
multi morph P4 skirt Poser Pro Pack python script for setting material colours to white kuhkri knife For Disc World fans... Luggage
M4A1 carbine magic carpet P4 men's apron corporate restrooms
P4 executioner's hood extra primatives construction worker's hard hat combines poses for the knight and horse
Vdress028 for Vicki poseable 7 linked chain texture for my P4 leather jacket P4 bollero top
bubbles Mazarine figure for Poser 3 Cheongsam figure for Poser 3 Poseable Bagpipes
Mike's Gloves Clasical Wrap for Vicki layered dress skull caps
V3 & M3 Royalty Free Skullcaps Amazon Guard figure for Poser 3 Judy Labcoat
morphing pumps romantix cape marilyn dress harem costume
Dons Sports Gloves Every Day Suit for Don Hobbit character based on William Hobbit character based on Penny
Dork and Don Labcoats Dons Soccer Boots


Archive of my very early Poser 3 freestuff is available on my old site




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